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    Hello, Please help – I was just about to add some people to our proof of concept full stack angular and now I just saw that you are discontinuing CodeMix and Angular IDE???

    I will need to purchase MyEclipse for Spring for them but let me ask now what is the suggested change from Angular IDE+CodeMix?

    Has anyone posted other suggestions?

    Is there a plug in that is part of MYECLIPSE now that works as CodeMix does?

    Are you planning to stop @ Angular 11 with current CodeMix?

    Any Help will be appreciated. I want to stay with the MYEclipse Platform – so any help regarding will be beneficial; the other alternative is to train people around webstorm and intellij but would prefer to stick with you pending your reply on how we are to proceed with a full stack solution.

    Thank you – Scott

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    Brian Fernandes


    We aren’t going to be building newer versions of CodeMix, but will ensure that it continues to work in MyEclipse. So a MyEclipse for Spring + CodeMix installation will continue to work (and you do not need a separate CodeMix license for use in ME4S, it’s included with the ME4S license). This install should allow you to to continue development with currently supported versions of Angular in MyEclipse itself.

    As far as support for newer versions of Angular, you can install updated Angular extensions from VS Code into CodeMix, but down the line, there is a chance the extension may have updated core engine requirements which will not be met by CodeMix – this is something we will not be able to address.

    We will continue to look at ways of supporting modern web development in MyEclipse through other solutions as well, like the Eclipse Language Server project and Wild Web Developer, though admittedly these solutions are not currently at the CodeMix level. I hope this helps clarify our stand and helps you take a decision.

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    What are you offering as a company that for full stack development with Java then? Since Wild Web Developer is not at your level?

    I used this product as far back as I think 2005. The value add for using my eclipse was the configuration and streamlining ease for those that didn’t want to deal and was focusing on solutions… Now you have CodeMix + Angular Ide — the front end world is clearly using angular as one of a few others like React, Vue, etc… Why not continue to assist in this?

    Where is documentation for the flexibility of CodeMix to do what you wrote here?
    “As far as support for newer versions of Angular, you can install updated Angular extensions from VS Code into CodeMix, but down the line, there is a chance the extension may have updated core engine requirements which will not be met by CodeMix – this is something we will not be able to address”.

    Not having a front end solution will force myself and the team we are looking to do after this extensive groundwork and POC I have been performing is complete to have to go work with Intellij/WebStorm or put the work into VsCode and use for the front end and java even with Sourcetree.

    What are we talking with CodeMix in terms of how long it will be viable given the features it has now? Are you going to actively sell it? I am surprised you are giving up on this as I was not aware of anything like it for Eclipse.

    Thanks for the follow-up – hopefully it can come faster although everyone was probably off on Friday to be fair 🙂

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    Brian Fernandes

    While CodeMix and Angular IDE are discontinued, MyEclipse itself will continue to be our full stack offering. Right now you will get Angular, React, Vue, etc. support through the addition of CodeMix to MyEclipse, which does work for current versions of these frameworks. We are working towards a solution that will make these same capabilities a more integral part of MyEclipse (through CodeMix tech, or alternatives). These will be exclusive to MyEclipse – not standalone products or plugins installable into vanilla versions of Eclipse. I’m afraid I do not have further details to share right now.

    Regarding VS Code Extensions installed through CodeMix, here is our documentation: https://www.genuitec.com/docs/power-ups/extensions-in-codemix/ Specifically on when an extension will stop being compatible with CodeMix is something we cannot predict, because it depends on the extension author who would specify minimum requirements, as new version are built to support newer framework versions.

    Yes, we wish we did not have to stop CodeMix development, but unfortunately after over two years of the product being released, it has proven to not be viable for us to continue.

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    Good Morning,
    Thank you for your response and candidness. I just wanted to a few follow-ups regarding the use of the myeclipse platform to continue full stack vue, react, angular, etc in whatever way that ends up being in the future…

    (1). Can we confirm from the company that we will have proper coverage of the end of life solutions that are in place now with a cutover to whatever your product team comes up with for the future? In other words is there an explanation of how you are sunsetting say “codemix/angular” and then re-launching similar or better capabilities inside just the MyEclipse platform with a new name branding?

    (2). Will the angular ide executable stand alone still function past the end of life date? We are using in our implementation a blend of angular ide and myeclipse. Letting us plan int our schedule move over to myeclipse?

    (3). Can you confirm the codemix version last to be seen on the angularide.exe platform and I suppose similarly on the myeclipse.exe platform?

    (4). Is there any estimation of an announcement of how MyEclipse will provide support for angular, typescript, node?

    Thank you again for your responses in my questions,


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    Brian Fernandes


    1) CodeMix and Angular IDE are already at EOL – the support that we will provide for these products has been mentioned in our EOL notice. As far as how those capabilities will be matched inside MyEclipse, see #4 – as I mentioned earlier, there will be no new branding or separate product, it will be part of MyEclipse.

    Given that with CodeMix we moved away from custom files and preferences in lieu of industry standard files (tslint.json, prettier.js, angular.json, etc.), continuing development in MyEclipse should be straightforward as it will rely on these standards as well.

    2) As is already the case, we will not prevent instances of Angular IDE from being installed or activated. Beyond that, they will continue to work as they do now. Please note however that the current installers will not work on macOS Big Sur. You will have to install a prior version and update to the most recent release.

    3) The last version of CodeMix part of Angular IDE is 2020.7.22. This is the same version on our update site, which can be installed into MyEclipse as well.

    4) The next version of MyEclipse is in active development. We’re currently investigating a few different options, so it would be premature to comment on “the how” right now. There are no plans to have an announcement on this, but I can provide additional details on this thread when available.

    Hope this helps.

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    Brian Fernandes


    I know it’s been almost a couple of months, but I think you’ll be pleased with what’s in the latest MyEclipse 2021.5.24 release. Specific to how we started this thread, it supports Angular 12, and the support is even better than what we had in CodeMix.

    There are a lot of details in our blog: https:/www.genuitec.com/myeclipse-2021-5-24, there’s a video too https://youtu.be/axMDEGAK44Q and we have a migration plan with more details here.

    Do give the latest release a try and let us know what you think!

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    Jason Warner

    Hi Brian,

    I’m late to the conversation – I share a lot of Scott’s concern over the future (except I’ve been working in React). I was comfortable waiting to see what came about (i.e., nothing changed immediately and I was too busy to worry about it).

    I have just spent the last few hours kicking the tires of myeclipse-2021-5-24, and I’m pretty excited by this so far. The performance and basic functionality all seem pretty good – the integration with the language server seems to be a huge improvement on the linting speed! Very happy with this so far.

    Are there plans to provide any templates for the angular/react frameworks that were available in the VS code plugins? Perhaps something similar to the Java templates?

    Also, it seems that CodeMix3 isn’t compatible with myeclipse-2021-5-24 – is this correct?

    Once again, happy with the direction and what I’ve seen! I just don’t think it’s a full replacement for Eclipse w/CodeMix (which really made doing full stack easy!! – I hate that it’s EOL).



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    Brian Fernandes


    First, I’m glad you’ve had a positive first experience, thank you for sharing that! We’re going to continue to improve on the integration as well as pick up newer WWD releases for up-to-date support as far as languages and frameworks are concerned.

    Re: templates, do you mean the code completion templates in editors? So templates when editing HTML / TypeScript and JavaScript? Just want to be sure we’re on the same page here. If you found them useful, we could take a look at doing something here (nobody has expressed an interest in these so far).

    CodeMix is not compatible with this MyEclipse release, correct – we integrated parts of it with this version of MyEclipse and that would mean the standalone version would conflict with it both wrt functionality provided as well as at the plugin and dependency level. We’re sorry we had to EOL it too – but you’ve read the details on why we had to do it.

    Onward and upwards with MyEclipse though, and glad to have you aboard. If you have any further feedback to share, do respond here.


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    Hi Brian — This is excellent excellent news. I am very happy to see this!

    I will review as soon as I can get out of this dev cycle. I am still using AngularIDE and MYE. But this is great news and what you guys always did with Eclipse and JAVA from the start of your company.

    I just happened to see this when I was looking for something else I sent with the angular environment.

    I have a great idea for Typescript I want to share once I get 2021 up and running.


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    Jason Warner

    Hi Biran

    Sorry for the delay – work has been… well, work.

    To clarify my comment about templates – the VScode plugins provided many templates that could be used when creating new components. I’ve attached a screenshot. I don’t really consider it code completion as it doesn’t care much what’s in the editor – it’s mostly just a shortcut to insert boiler plate file/function/method structure (maybe they’re just macros? IDK – all of the config refers to them as templates, so…)

    Similar functionality exists in eclipse for java, html, xml, and a many of the supported file format/types. The two that are missing are Javascript and Typescript. Event if the functionality was add without any predefined templates – I be happy to (re)define all of my favorites from the VSCode plugins.



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    Brian Fernandes

    Scott, I seem to have missed your earlier response here, and I know you’re currently facing issues with the 2021 migration. Happy to hear your TypeScript idea when you get to it!

    Jason, thank you for confirming with the screenshot – those were exactly what I was thinking of as well. I’ll file a card for this and we’ll see if this is something that can be added. Thank you for asking!

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