ERD Tool Not Drawing Any Relationships

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    I’m using the DBExplorer ER Designer to document a database. The ERD is not showing any relationships. Finds and Displays tables ok. I’ve tried with SQL Server and then created a new database in MySQL and I get the same issue. I don’t see any way to draw a relationship either.

    Need help. I’m using Version: 6.0.1 GA

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    Loyal Water

    Can you open the MyEclipse Derby database and try genrating the ER diagram for the CLASSICCARS databse. Select all the tables in the wizard. Are you able to see the relationships in the generated ER diagram?

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    Yes – I do see a couple relationships drawn for the Derby CLASSICARS database.

    So what is the difference? Any clues to why the relationships are not showing up in my tests?

    Is it possible to draw in relationships?

    Thanks – Glenn

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    Brian Fernandes


    The ERD is currently a view only tool – it will only show you tables and relationships it picks up from your database, you cannot add other tables or relationships.

    You are not seeing the relationships in our ERD because our tooling cannot detect any. If table A has a foreign key referencing table B, then when you select A, and look at the Foreign Keys tab in the Table / Object Info view, you should see an entry for the relationship. Ditto for B and the Exported Keys tab – do you see this?

    Can you paste the DDL you used to create the two tables here? Note that in MySQL you must use the InnoDB engine for foreign keys to be correctly saved.

    Hope this helps.

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    ok – thanks for reply.


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