Error When creating a Web Module project

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    I’m sure I have spent at least as much time as you trying to work out how to work w/ your source structure. The quick fix is to convert to an exploded WAR and the struggle will end.

    I’m working on an extended tutorial that includes JSTL tags. No they are not known out of the box. JSTL is just another tag library that must be configured and setup appropriately. EA2 or 3 will provide a taglib repository to choose from when creating a web project and JSPs. For now you have to set up the JSTL libs yourself.

    The compilation errors are a result of your choice not to configure your application with the J2EE 1.3 Library Set. This means that no J2EE libraries are linked with your project. This option is for users of other tools that already have a J2EE project structure configured with their own libraries. So you need to add your own J2EE libraries to the project. The EA1 does not allow you to manually add the Library Set to your project. This is being addressed for EA2.

    Lastly I knew that the webroot link back into your source would cause it to be replicated in the WEB-INF classes directory but that should not cause a problem as long as you don’t try editing these files. They are a result of trying to point the web root back into a source folder – not really a good idea.

    …/_cvsroot/src/webroot/WEB-INF/classes/webroot/WEB-INF/classes/webroot/WEB-INF/classes/webroot/index.jsp) not in base path (…/_cvsroot/Web Root/).

    So are you trying to edit this file or did the JSP compiler pick it up? I ran a test before proposing this process to verify that compilation errors would not result.

    Seriously, I have hinted at it a number of times but this long process can avoided if your codebase is organized in an exploded WAR format. I’ll have an extended tutorial in a few days that demonstrates JSPs, JSTL setup, Servlet creation and JBoss deployment and hot-swap debugging. It will provide more background in some of the principles behind MyEclipse Web project and J2EE project organization best practices.

    If you need the JSTL and web.xml with it preconfigured let me know and I’ll mail you zip.

    MyEclipse Support

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    I fully understand that our directory structure causes problems and taht an exploded WAR structure would solve the project. However, I’m just a developer 🙂 and not the project leader. And as we all not moving around files in CVS is a hazzle 🙁

    As I said, I doubt that our directory structure is the only one that sets aside from the exploded WAR structure.

    I appreciate your help, truly. We’ve tried our best. But, if our project leader decides not to change our directory structure I guess I won’t be able to use the MyEclipseIDE.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward reading the upcoming tutorial.

    Kind regards,

    PS. About the “not in base path” error: I never had a change to edit the file, hence the JSP compiler pick it up. DS.

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    No Operation

    As far as I understand your required configuration should not be a problem, but the steps to set it up might be quirky:

    1. fix project build path:
    project source path must be set to “src/se”
    output may be “bin” (any reasonable folder should work as long you create no loops)

    2. the web root template must be changed to
    web src: “src/se”
    web root: “src/web app”

    3. RESTART Eclipse to make the template changes work


    As I read the TLD must be exist somewhere in WEB-INF until the announced fix in next version.

    Just to be curious:

    Why dont you handle your taglib and your Java code as separate projects? This would reflect the idea of components more properly!


    No Operation!

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    Mark Walker

    @support wrote:

    The tradeoff for getting this working is that the link technique causes the copy of your src/webroot contents to the WEB-INF/classes folder.

    MyEclipse Support

    (I couldn’t find any other references to this on this thread)

    But to avoid the copy of resources to your output folder, you could just filter them on the build settings of your project preferences.

    HTH, Mark.

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    Scott Anderson


    But to avoid the copy of resources to your output folder, you could just filter them on the build settings of your project preferences.

    Very true; filtering the build settings would work nicely. Thanks for the follow up!

    MyEclipse Support

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