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    I am evaluating having our development team move from MyEclipse 10.7 to MyEclipse 2013 (mostly because we want to use EclEmma, and EclEmma won’t install successfully in 10.7). Unfortunately, there are two JSPs that throw three different error messages on the first line of the JSP — the <%@ page language=”java”%> line.

    The error messages are:

    Syntax error, insert “}” to complete Expression
    Syntax error, insert “}” to complete MethodBody
    The left-hand side of an assignment must be a variable

    There are hundreds of JSPs that start out with the same opening lines — but only two JSPs give these particular error messages.

    Oh yes, MyEclipse 2013 is so incredibly slow that it may not be useful for us (or probably anyone else). I figured out how to turn off the searching for projects to upgrade task (which slows MyEclipse to the point where I often can’t even pull down any menus). But there seems to be some other task “Flush logs” which gobbles up nearly all resources.

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    Thanks for trying out release 2013 but sorry that you’re seeing some issues.

    A few users have reported the problem with the project migration search task and we’ve implemented changes which should eliminate that problem (including a way to switch it off). These changes will be in the service release due within the next few days. In the meantime, you can avoid the task starting up by going to Preferences->General->Startup and Shutdown and unchecking MyEclipse Migration Support.

    Regarding the JSP errors, we can’t replicate that here. Can you confirm that you’re using the MyEclipse Visual JSP Designer? If so, can you try opening a JSP with the MyEclipse JSP Editor, to see if the problem occurs there?

    If possible, could you switch to a new workspace and create a sample project that exhibits the problem. Please attach that project here so that we can try and reproduce the issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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