Excellent product, feature request.

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    just to say “good job folks”!.

    Feature request:

    Support for yaml files.
    Support for docker-compose
    Support for JSF. Assistance on XTML for the beans and properties.
    Minimap view, the overlay, from my prospective is too soft.

    Excellent product.

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    Brian Fernandes


    Thank you for the kind words, I’ll pass it on to our team!

    Coming to your feature requests:
    1) For YAML files, please install the YAML extension.
    2) For docker compose – if you go to Help > CodeMix Extensions, you can choose to install the Docker pack, I believe that will have the functionality you need.
    3) JSF support – we typically leave the Java / Java EE support to Eclipse, with other features coming from CodeMix. I will take this down as a feature request anyway.
    4) Minimap view – can you send us a screenshot of what you see? Do you mean that the part you drag to scroll the editor is too light, or doesn’t contrast enough with the background?

    Hope this helps!

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    hey Brian,
    thank you indeed for your reply. Excellent product and thank you (and your team) for giving us very handy tools and a nicer a modern skin for Eclipse. I’ve attached a screenshot of my Minimap view from CodeMix 3. From my prospective, the dragging area should be a bit brighter. At a first glance it is hard to find where you are though. Just follow CodeGlance for IntelliJ

    With regard to the JSF yes, it would be nice to have support for *.xhtml files and code assistance for Java Beans as it is displayed int the second screenshot. Also it would be handy if the html editor and in general the editors could have the chance to display the indentation line as it is also displayed in the second screenshot. This second screenshot is from Netbeans 8.2.

    Thank you

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    I double checked my setup and the Docker pack extension is already installed. docker-compose files are .yaml and it seems they are not supported by this extension. It would be nice to have support for docker-compose.

    thank you again!

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    Brian Fernandes

    1) Noted Minmap contrast issue
    2) Noted your request on XHTML, thank you for the explanation.
    3) We’re looking at adding indentation-line support to a release in the near future, thank you for asking
    4) Support for the docker-compose.yaml file seems to be working for me with only the Docker extension installed, see the attached screenshot. Can you tell me what you see, and explicitly what support you find is missing?

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    oops big pardon!. Yes I have installed the extension but I was editing the files with other editor. I didn’t realise about that. It works!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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