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    I really don’t understand what “Exclude from Validation” is supposed to do. As far as I can tell, it just doesnt’t work.

    I have a project with some generated code, and that code generates lots of warnings. I do not need any warning about generated code as I cannot do anything about it and I expect the generator to know what it is doing.

    So I right-click on the generated package in the Package Explorer and set the flag “MyEclipse > Exclude from validation.”.

    What I expect is that no more warning about any file in the package is reported in the “Problems” window.

    What happens instead is that warnings keep coming back. I tried cleaning the project, deleting the warnings manually, refreshing the package or the project, but nothing works.

    I don’t see why it should be a problem at all. Perhaps it is not obvious to tell the compiler to refrain from warning about files in some packages. But the Problem window has a column “Path”. It is trival to check that the path of the error is within an excluded package and should be hidden.

    If anybody has managed to use “Exclude from Validation” for this situation, I’d be glad to hear how ti is supposed to be used.

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    We already have a PR raised on this issue and the fix will be available for the next release.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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    Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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    Sorry, but Pradeep’s reply wasn’t quite right. We have a bug filed related to this problem and that bug may be fixed in the next release. However, note that the bug fix would likely only remove the menu option for Java files, which can’t be excluded from validation in the base eclipse functionality. The validation is done by the internal eclipse compiler.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    Can’t you update the base eclipse functionality for that? Or alternatively, couldn’t you filter the problems window to discard the messages on some resources?

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    I’m not sure what can be done in this area but I’ve forwarded your comments to development for them to consider.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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