First QuickFix for 3.8.2 Now Available

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    Please do *not* attempt to install it on any version of MyEclipse other than 3.8.2.

    This fix addresses the following problems that have been reported on the forums and internally:
    ID Summary
    1062 JS Editor ignores read-only flag on files after 3 keystrokes
    1067 UnsupportedOperationException in JS Editor
    1085 Refactoring operations in workspaces with LARGE (1500 JSP…

    The QuickFix is located at:

    To install it, exit Eclipse and unzip the quick fix archive directly into <myeclipse-inst-dir>. The plugins are archived with paths that will place them in the subdirectory “eclipse/plugins”. You should choose to overwrite files, when prompted. Please note, the quickfix contains only the subsets of several plugins that changed, not the complete plugin so please don’t choose an extraction method that overwrites the entire plugin directory. On Windows, simply unzipping with WinZip or using the XP file explorer to copy the folders into the plugins directory will “do the right thing”.

    Once the quickfix is installed, start eclipse with -clean command line option to insure installation of the new jars. To verify the installation, open Window > Preferences > MyEclipse and you should see a version of number of: “3.8.2+QF20041004”.

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