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    Brian Fernandes

    All versions of MyEclipse & Angular IDE will exhibit issues on Big Sur, due to underlying problems with the Eclipse Platform on this version of macOS. The issues range from sluggish typing to editor UI malfunctions and navigation inconsistencies. A collection of bugs can be found here.

    In order to keep our users moving, we’ve created a patch that will fix the major issues reported with Big Sur. Note that some issues may still exist, as they have not yet been fixed by the Eclipse platform, but primary usability should be restored. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update as required.

    This patch is recommended only for MyEclipse 2019, 2020 and Angular IDE 2020. You will be able to run against earlier versions, but be warned that it might break the install. If this happens, run the patch with the restore option to undo this fix.


    1. Download and extract the myeclipse-bigsur.tool.zip. It will contain a jar called myeclipse_bigsur_fixer.jar and a README.MD
    2. In your terminal, run
    java -jar myeclipse_bigsur_fixer.jar --fix
    The output will be similar to the following. If you have more than one MyEclipse / Angular IDE installation, you will be asked to pick an installation to fix.

    The following package can be fixed: 
    /Applications/MyEclipse 2019/MyEclipse
    Do you want to fix it? (yes | no)

    3. Type yes or just y and hit ENTER
    It will then attempt to automatically fix your installation. The output should be similar to this:

    Fixing /Applications/MyEclipse 2019/MyEclipse.app/Contents/Profile
    Patching: org.eclipse.swt_3.112.0.v20190904-0609.jar
    Patching: org.eclipse.jface_3.17.0.v20190820-1444.jar
    Patching: org.eclipse.swt.cocoa.macosx.x86_64_3.112.0.v20190904-0609.jar
    bundles.info patched successfully
    Patching /Applications/MyEclipse 2019/MyEclipse.app/Contents/Profile/p2/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine/profileRegistry/com.genuitec.delivery.package.profile.2915-Enr-0574.profile/1607531975767.profile.gz
    profile patched successfully
    /Applications/MyEclipse 2019/MyEclipse.app/Contents/Profile fixed successfully

    Your installation should now be patched and ready to go for Big Sur.

    If you wish to undo the fix, simply run the following command to restore your patched installation to its original form.
    java -jar myeclipse_bigsur_fixer.jar --restore

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