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    I posted this question under the ‘Feature Request’ forum on 1/20, but got no response, so I am trying it here also:

    In an earlier post you provided a breakdown of the Spring DSL artifacts used as input to code generation. Specifically, the ‘.datatype’ was used to generate Flex client-side actionscript and mxml. In reviewing all the DSL artifacts, the file ‘.datatypebinding’ also contains properties for join criteria for a ‘many-to-one’ relationship. This would be useful when attempting to modify the code generator to make a column from a ‘child’ table have a lookup capability (the PICKER function you have in the GWT generator). Is it possible to ‘redirect’ the generator to use an input source OTHER than .datatype, when generating Flex code? In another earlier post, you mentioned it is possible to extend the model, by writing an Eclipse plugin. Is this the recommended approach to accomplish what I am referring to here?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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