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    Before posting, there are a few resources you should be aware of first to see if they can help you with your question or comment.

    1. Documentation & FAQ

      * Check our Documentation section to see if we already have a guide answering your question (Struts, JSF, Database, etc.)
      * Check our Tutorial section to see if there is a Flash movie or other tutorial answering your question
      * Lastly, quickly skim the FAQ section to see if your question has already been answered

    2. Search the Forums
    Now, if none of the resources above helped, the next best thing to do is Search the forums. If you feel the results you are getting from a search are too broad, you can try and make them more specific by selecting the “Search for all terms” mode when entering in your search.

    3. Don’t forget Google
    Sometimes it can be hard to determine if a problem is related to MyEclipse, your application server or your computer setup. If you quickly type in your problem into Google, for example “MyEclipse Tomcat ClassNotFoundException”, you can sometimes immediately find help with it, or realize that your problem is something else. This may not help every time, but sometimes can get you the answer you are looking for right away.

    4. Posting a Question
    Ok, so nothing we have suggested so far has helped and you still have a question. We welcome all our users to post their questions and feature requests to the forum. The first step is finding the right forum to post to. This quick guide can help you:

      * MyEclipse-related questions/problems go under the MyEclipse IDE forum. (For example, when you open your faces-config.xml file, instead of getting the MyEclipse Visual JSF designer, you get the plain XML editor)
      * General programming questions/comments/problems belong in the Off Topic forum. (For example, a question about how to make a list of checkboxes work in Struts, this is not a MyEclipse question, this is a general Struts question)

    After you have determined the specific forum to post to and are ready to create a new post, please remember that the only thing we know about your bug is what you tell us. If you say “I’m clicking on the button and it’s not working!”, it’s impossible for us to help. What button are you clicking? How is it failing? Is there a popup? A log entry? An error dialog?

    4a. Posting the Right Information, Part 1
    We have tried to make posting the right information easy for you. It is best if you start a problem report by giving us your system information, you can get that from going to the MyEclipse menu at the top of your MyEclipse window, clicking it, then go down to “Installation Summary” and select that:

    NOTE: Previous to MyEclipse 5.0, this was called “About MyEclipse”, so if you are using a version of MyEclipse prior to 5.0, please adjust the instructions according to what you are seeing.

    Now the MyEclipse dialog will popup, from there, click the “Installation Details” button:

    NOTE: Previous to MyEclipse 5.0, this was called “Configuration Summary”, so if you are using a version of MyEclipse prior to 5.0, please adjust the instructions according to what you are seeing.

    Then after your system details popup, please click the “Copy to Clipboard” button:

    After doing that you can paste that information into your post so we know what your system setup is.

    4b. Posting the Right Information, Part 2
    Now that we have your system information, we need a good description of the problem. Please be sure to tell us exactly what is happening, do not simply say “It’s broken”. Please explain what is happening, maybe a popup dialog is comming up? Maybe an error is getting written to your log file?

    Normally errors being written to your log file are important for us to see. Your log file is located at:
    <workspace directory>\.metadata\.log

    and is created in an appended fashion, so your newest errors will be at the bottom.

    TIP: To make it easy to track down a problem that is writing errors to your log, the easiest thing to do is shut down MyEclipse, erase your old log file, restart MyEclipse, perform just the action that causes the problem, then copy and paste your entire new log file into your new message posting, that way it will be small and concise and only show us the problem we are concerned with.

    After you have posted your system information, a good description of what is going on and your log file entries if necessary you are all ready to make your post. Once you have done that, someone should get back to you very quickly, usually within a few hours. This can include official support personel for MyEclipse, MyEclipse developers or our user base that knows more than we could ever know.

    5. End of the Road
    If you’ve read this far then your situation is so dire that posting to the forums won’t help you, you have a question for us and it needs to get answered now! You can reach us at the following email addresses depending on what the question pertains to:

    Please understand that if your question is a general question that more users can benefit from, we will direct you to post to the forums as to create a public/searchable record of the question and answer. However, if your question is a very specific, private or serious question that needs to be addressed immediately please drop us an email and we will take care of you right away.

    Thank You
    The MyEclipse team wants to thank you for your support as a user and hope our product helps you and/or your company. We know you have a lot of choices in IDEs and we appreciate you choosing us. We will work hard to keep your business.

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