From Support: Howdy, where y’all from?

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    Todd Williams

    I work with Scott in Dallas, but I had the pleasure of traveling to Copenhagen on business about a year and a half ago. I was only there a week but it was enough to know that I needed to go back when I’m on vacation to really enjoy the area. By the way, I was amazed at the incredible level of proficiency several of my Danish associates had with spoken English. Actually, to tell the truth, they didn’t speak ‘English’, they spoke ‘American’ because I could’ve mistaken them for US natives based on their lack of any discernable accent. I asked them about it and although they said they’d taken English in school for years it was really the hours of watching American TV that made them so fluent. Calling it “cultural language studies” sure sounds much better than “wasting time watching TV”.

    By the way, my trip was in January (cold, damp, windy, dark) and I still enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see what the summer is like some day.


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    Sean Dynan

    Belfast, Ireland.

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    Scott Anderson

    I’ve never been, but I hear Ireland is beautiful. Definately a future destination for me with any luck.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Leuven Belgium

    i’m Java developer, and webdesigner. Use MyEcplise for both… have about 3-4 sites that i manage some nice some less πŸ˜€

    in my dayjob i do everything in windows, but the second i have the option i switch to linux (for about more then 2 years now)… (Gentoo Linux active member in translations and operator @ #gentoo-be)…

    Belgium is cold and rainy, but where i live it’s the biggest university city of belgium, and we have our ways to stay warm :D. also we have the biggest bar here of belgium, and that is on big square (like in trafalgar square) with only pubs and restaurants…

    todd the summer is great in Copenhagen, been there in the summer had a great time… you should try more scandinavian countries, they are beautifull…

    neway… thanks for this forum, and for your exellent support… one day you’ll hate me for ever visiting here, cause i will submit every bug/problem i see πŸ˜€



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    Riyad Kalla

    Another Gentoo user, welcome!

    I’m from Tucson, Arizona. You can’t beat the weather here 8 months out of the year… its just those ~4 months of summer where birds, dogs and people die from the heat that scares everyone away πŸ™‚

    Although, to overcompensate for the heat, we are the air conditioning capitol of the world

    Woops, and one more thing: I had a friend that travelled through Texas recently and came back with stories of BBQ and Steak houses that made my mouth water. I just *have* to make it there some day.

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    Hello Everybody;

    My name is Alejandro and I am in Mexico City;

    This is quite Large city; Actually the city get over the borders of the state it belongs.

    I mean; the city is located in the ‘Distrito Federal’ that is (you may think as) the 32th state of Mexico. But the Urban Blob at one end (the north) reaches and goes beyond the state limits!!

    This city has many drawbacks but it also has many good things.

    The drawbacks are the same that all Big-Cities:
    – Heavy Traffic
    – Contamination
    – Everybody is in a Hurry

    The Good Things:
    – Almost Everything can be found here
    – It has many (in the south) green areas, museums, movie theathers, etc.
    – It has many colonial parts like Coyoacan πŸ™‚ (I live near by)
    – You can look at history in downtown; because it is very Old.

    I am now developing in Java/J2EE, but a couple of years before; I was working with C,C++ in MSFT Platform.

    It has been nice to become part of this quite dynamic comunity 8)



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    Scott Anderson


    Welcome and thank you for posting to my ‘pet thread’. I really am interested in where our users are from. I saw a sales report that we’d sold into 79 countries last month. My first response was “there are 79 countries”? 😳

    Well apparently there are actually a few hundred so it’s great that some of you post here and let us know what’s up in other parts of the world.

    By the way, I hear the food in Mexico city is much more sophisticated than what we eat as Tex-Mex here. True?

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    Nabil Suleiman

    Toronto, Canada.

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    Scott Anderson


    Thanks to you also. I know we have quite a few Canadian users. Personally, I’ve been there a few times, that last was to Lake Louise in October a few years ago. Beautiful country.

    Now, who’s from the smallest country out there? Anyone from Lichtenstein for example? Monaco? Somewhere else?

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    No Operation

    Hi all,

    as you see, I live in your JVM. Tryin to avoid too much confusion with your 1 and 0 bits. But sometimes… you know? Yes, … I mean, if your JVM crashes… sorry, I was not fast enough… SORRY!!!

    Hopin you wont dislike my posts too much, and if: Never start your JVM again! πŸ˜‰


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    Scott Anderson


    Your posts are great. Always insightful and on topic. We truly appreciate anyone that answers more questions than they ask. πŸ™‚

    But, how about getting ‘on topic’ here and telling us what part of the world you live in? πŸ˜‰

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    @scott wrote:

    By the way, I hear the food in Mexico city is much more sophisticated than what we eat as Tex-Mex here. True?

    Hi again Scott!,

    Sorry for the delay, but when I was submiting my post (about a week and a half), my internet quota ran out; then I lost my post πŸ˜• , then i had to go out for a week… and I am just right Back πŸ™‚

    About he food…. yes; the Mexican Food is more sophisticated than what Tex-Mex is (I think).

    As far as I know Tex-Mex stands mainly for meat dishes whith chili and with some tortillas an some other vegetables.

    Well, mainly meat dishes are very common on the north states from the country; but there are a Wide variety of dishes from all over the country.

    One of them is the “Mole”. When you refer to Mole as a dish; its refering the chicken meat covered with Mole.

    Or if you are refering the Mole as a Condiment; then its just that; the preparation that is used to cover the Chicken Meat πŸ™‚

    The peculiarity of the Mole is that is made from several Chiles; where the “Chile Poblano” is one of the main ingredients. Then… it also contains many seeds; including “AjonjolΓ­” (I dont know how to translate that). And the principal ingredient is Chocolate!.

    You may think that it is mainly sweet .. for the chocolate; but it actually doesnt. it is sweet at some point, but the Chile and all the other seeds and specia make it a delicious dish πŸ™‚

    One drawback is that it is actually some kind of heavy to the stomach (mainly por people not used to it).

    The State of Puebla is one of the states that is Famous for its Mole. And the traditional Mole from Puebla is called “Mole Poblano”.

    Another interesting thing is that there are soo many varieties of Mole. Diferring from the sweetness, the Hotness (different combination of Chiles), and Color!! …. there is actually a “Mole Verde” that is color Green!.

    But, in Mexico City are Meny other things besides Mole πŸ˜‰
    Here is a big city, and you can find any kind of food that you like, from hamburgers to international food, passing by sea food, chineese, etc, etc. πŸ™‚

    Well, i hope you have the chance to try Mole for yourself πŸ™‚



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    Scott Anderson


    Actually, now that you mention it, I have had mole precisely one time. I found the flavor quite unusual, but somehow compelling. The mix between the chocolate and the chilis was a bit strange at first, but I really did enjoy it. The only reason that I”ve only had it once is that it’s a little hard to come by in Dallas. πŸ™‚

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    Scott Anderson

    Ok, I have nothing new to add. I just thought I’d follow on with a post so it would show as ‘unread’ in all your browsers thus compelling at least one of you to post. Did it work? πŸ™‚

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    Nabil Suleiman

    ahh .. didn’t see your reply scott 😳 … and yes Canada is beautifull, I live right by Lake Ontario, by Frenchman’s Bay…

    well I’m origionally from Iraq, not sure if it’s qualified as small country πŸ˜‰ … I know i’m not the first person of Iraqi origion to use MyEclipse, as far as I know I’m the second πŸ™‚

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