Grails support for DB reverse engineering?

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    Are there any plans to implement the current DB reverse engineering tools for Grails applications?

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    Brian Fernandes

    There are no plans to to generate code for Grails applications. Can you give us an example of the output you would like generated? GORM, GORM for Hibernate?


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    Hi Brian,
    Yes GORM. The reverse engineering for Grails is a little simpler because all that is needed are Domain classes and the framework handles all the hibernate mappings. So for example a DB table called Application would only need a single Domain class instead of a Domain, DAO and XML Mapping file. Here is an example with one-to-many and many-to-one relationships

    class Application {
    	BigDecimal gpa
    	Date submitDate
    	String appliedFlag
    	String acceptedFlag
    	String deniedFlag
    	String managerNetid
    	Date timeStamp
    	AcademicYear academicYear
    	Quarter quarter
    	Student student
    	Set<ApplicationFile> applicationFiles = []
    	Set<ApplicationQa> applicationQas = []
    	Set<ApplicationAccepted> applicationAccepteds = []
    	Set<ApplicationDenied> applicationDenieds = []
    	static hasMany = [applicationAccepteds: ApplicationAccepted,
    	                  applicationDenieds: ApplicationDenied,
    	                  applicationFiles: ApplicationFile,
    	                  applicationQas: ApplicationQa]
    	static belongsTo = [AcademicYear, Quarter, Student]
    	static mapping = {
    		version false
    		quarter column: "quarter_code"
    		student column: "sid"
    		applicationAccepteds cascade: "save-update, delete-orphan"
    		applicationDenieds cascade: "save-update, delete-orphan"
    		applicationQas cascade: "save-update"
    	static constraints = {
    		submitDate nullable: true
    		appliedFlag maxSize: 1
    		acceptedFlag maxSize: 1
    		deniedFlag maxSize: 1
    		managerNetid nullable: true, maxSize: 36

    There used to be a plugin for Grails that had this functionality and uses the hibernate-tools library but it stopped being maintained a while ago and the newer Grail releases are not compatible. I figured since MyEclipse uses the same hibernate-tools to generate Java code that maybe it would be possible to expand on that to generate Grails domain classes?


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    Brian Fernandes


    I thought I had replied earlier, apologies.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide the example – gives us a better understanding of what you’d like implemented. The fact that the Grails plugin depends on hibernate-tools will make it easier, but it is still a non trivial task.

    I’ll file this with your details, but to be upfront I don’t see this as something our team will be able to get to in the near future.

    Thank you for sending in the request.

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    Understood, thanks for at least submitting the request for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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