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    I am facing some difficulties related to the “hot-deployment” of my project (my project is deployed and app server is running within MyEclipse). I remember that before upgrade MyEclipse to version 2017 we used to use version 10 and the hot-deployment process worked perfectly. Currently, using version 2017, the only artifacts that “hot-deploy” are HTML/CSS/JSP/JS files. If I change any class, even a POJO class this change is not reflected (what used to work in version 10). What am I missing? I am currently using JBossAs 5.1 for development.

    BR, Marcelo Leite

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    Brian Fernandes


    Are you starting the server in debug mode? This is necessary for hot deploy to work for Java classes.

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    you’re right. In the old version, it was not necessary.

    Thanks for your help.

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