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    I’ve been working with MyEclipse for a year now, and am very happy with it. However, I have a slight issue with the latest version of the Hibernate generator. We actually NEED the hibernate classes and mappings to be flat instead of including all the relations. In the beta, all generation was flat and it worked perfectly for us. The new one causes all related tables to be pulled in as well when a simple query is done.

    Is there any way through configuration or something to go back to generating flat Hibernate classes and mappings? If not, is there any way that the wizard itself could be enhanced to allow that to take place?

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    Riyad Kalla

    Sending to Hib dev, hang tight…

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    Currently, no, there is no way to turn this off. Most folks want it. Regardless, things will be much more configurable in a future release of ME (not the next one tho).

    The work-arounds available to you are:
    * remove the FK constraints in the database (unlikely)
    * manually edit the mapping files to suit your need (just beware of regeneration overwriting your changes)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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