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    I am new to using Myeclipse, but have experience using Hibernate. I am looking for a tool to help with the generation of mapping files for Hibernate. I have seen how MyEclipse is used to generate initial mapping files, but when I extend my POJO definitions how is that reflected back into the mapping file? It doesn’t look like the mapping files generated from the DB have some of the more complex hibernate features I am using. For example, one to one and joined subclasses were not reflected in the generated mapping files. Is the exspectation with this tool that I manually edit the Java source to include XDoclet tags such that the mapping will subsequently be built as part of an Ant task ? Does MyEclispe help identifiying these Xdoclet tags that need to be inserted into the Java source ?

    thanks in advance

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    Hibernate support in MyEclipse has not been fully developed yet. It only supports creation of hibernate configuration, setting up libs, and reverse-engineering from database tables at this time. The more advanced features you are looking for will come in a future release.

    For now, you are expected to keep the POJO and mapping files in sync once generated. If you regenerate the mapping file, your changes will be overwritten, so be warned (as it notes in the file itself). The POJOs come as an abstract base class and concrete subclass – you can do what ever you want with the subclass as it is only ever generated once. The base class is regenerated if you regen the mapping.

    Currently, there is no direct support for xdoclet hibernate tags for the Hibernate tools, nor is there a plan to support same.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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