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    From what I have read so far this feature is not available, but I would like to state my case and what I think would be a helpful way to integrate Maven projects with the great hot-deploy feature of the MyEclipse Web Project (ie change a JSP page and see the change immediately without a redeploy or rerun of mvn).

    We have several, multi-module projects. Some top level projects contain multiple EARs, which can include multiple EJB JARS, WARs, and then standard JAR libraries that all of the J2EE type projects depend on.

    The pom.xml is all configured to build all the projects and dependencies already. Continuum is used to build in QA, Staging, and Production just like we build in our local development environments.

    Rather than going through the MyEclipse UI for defining EAR modules, it would be nice if MYEclipse could just be given any pom.xml and a server configuration and deploy project(s) based off the pom.xml. That way, you dont have to refine all the project structures. Does this make sense?

    As an organization with quality and standards in mind, we get a lot of sanity knowing that our developers build with the same pom.xml that our qa process uses. The pom already defines all the required libs, how to package those libs in the EARs, how to name the artifacts, how to build the META-INF information like application.xml, and many other things. Lets have MyEclipse take advatage of that to deploy an exploded app in our development environment so we can really save time writing these apps.

    Thanks for listening. I represent at least 15 people that I work with on a daily basis, all of which would love to see this feature. I hope others will chime in and support this request.

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    Loyal Water

    We really appreciate you taking the time to share your company’s requirements with us and we will take your suggestions and send them back to the product manager to evaluate for future revisions to Maven4MyEclipse.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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