How to Enable Angular tooling in MYE2021 like in Angular IDE

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    I have imported my project form angular IDE into MYE2021. I do not know how to get compilation working in MYE2021 to denote any errors or issues within the project… Is there an option to replace Start Building Now with CodeMix like in Angular IDE to have it replicate?

    Is there any documentation/instruction set for this other than the marketing material you have because it is just marketing material? Some of the links for Angular under MYE2021 in the material are actually pointing to Angular IDE info.

    I really think in this standard forum room there should be some cleaning up — OR AT LEAST START WITH SOME Headers of “MYE-202X – Configuration” and “MYE202X – Angaular” Etc. Searching is just bringing up info at times (regarding Java aynway) of versions from 2008 and it the value may be outdated.

    But back to MYE2021 and making it work like AngualarIDE – anything info or links to help me get it working like I do in the AngularIDE with CodeMix will be helpful – I just imported an app with known errors and it is not complaining like I wanted to see.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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