How to get the about dialog features list back?

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    If you are using our Luna Software Pack on your Delivery Hub, or if you are using our Eclipse Packages off of, you may have noticed that some Package installations have an empty features list on the installation details inside their About dialog. Though this sounds bad, it’s not that big of deal since the features are there, they are just not being listed. And thankfully, the workaround is easy.

    As a Third Party Library on your Delivery Hub
    If you have your own SDC deployment, add the updatesite as an archived Third Party Library. Then you just need to add the About Dialog Configurator plugin as extra software into your Delivery Packages or your Environmental Policy. With this software added, your new installations will never exhibit the issue and existing installations will get fixed applying the updates.

    For GoSecure packages
    If you are using a Eclipse Package off of, just do a check for updates and you will get the addition of the About Dialog Configurator automatically!

    Please let us know if you have any issues.

    Best Regards.
    The SDC Team.

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