how to use MyEclipse to use graphical jsf

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    dear sir /madam

    I am using myeclipse for spring as full subscriber and use it mainly jsf interface framework. I do like to use advanced graphical interfaces like drawing flow charts,

    Rectangular dynamic top down trees like PowerPoint presentation etc.

    I just ask if you have a particular plug in to buy or free so that I can make use of the plug-in and Myeclipse power.

    I heard html 5 can be useful but not included in the IDE or you may recommend another one no matter the price but I can use it with myeclipse power

    Take care


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    There is the image editor in MyEclipse, which you could try. If you want UML editing, you could try the UML tools.

    If you are looking for any plugins, I suggest you check in eclipse forums for better support.

    Hope it helps.

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    thank you sir

    but you know image is not a dynamic and UML is not graphics as far as I know.

    Please pass me any recommended forum of eclipse though I do expect you to post your

    clients’ queries in any forum for answers useful for you now and for good.

    take care


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    The link to Eclipse forums is :
    The link to development related forum :

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