Incorrect line breaks in terminal clipboard copy

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    Fedor Losev

    When text copied from terminal, word wrapped line is copied as multiple lines (with the breaks of word wrap).

    Hence one can’t just copy long command from terminal and paste it in another console.

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    The Terminal is Eclipse’s plugin. I have filed a bug for the dev team to check if we can work on the line breaks issue. We will keep you posted about the fix.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Fedor Losev

    Actually, Terminal+ is presented as part of WebClipse product, whether it is internally based on Eclipse terminal is an implementation detail. If Eclipse terminal as is was good enough, then there wasn’t need in any Terminal+.

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    Brian Fernandes


    You’re absolutely right, that is why we developed Terminal+ – so we could improve on what the Eclipse Terminal view offers.

    I ran a few quick tests right now and wrapped commands were copied fine – there were no line breaks in the copied content. Can you still replicate the problem?

    1) For the same command, does your experience change if the Terminal+ view is made wide enough to take the entire command (if possible) or does the break appear at another location based on the width of the view?

    2) Please remind me: Are you using Webclipse on Eclipse Neon or Eclipse Oxygen?

    3) Can you give us a sample command or attach a screenshot of a wrapped command? Might help us find a case we aren’t testing.


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    Fedor Losev


    It is cut just at the current terminal width and does not happen when there is enough space.

    Below I just press up arrow to bring last command, select and copy it:

    narrower window:

    If I press enter it doesn’t seem to be broken internally, executes ok.

    Moreover, on terminal resize it does layout rather strangely, sometimes reflowing, sometimes leaving it at line brake, sometimes showing scrollbar.

    I’m currently on Neon 3, is Oxygen considered stable for WebClipse, do you recommend upgrade?

    If you say it is completely not reproducible and Terminal+ is based on Eclipse internal terminal, it may be something in my environment from other plugins, I need to test again on clean install then.

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    We have now managed to replicate the issue consistently, once we realised that this was a Windows specific problem (we couldn’t replicate it on either Linux or Mac). We’ve now raised the priority of the bug and will look to get a fix in as soon as possible.

    Apologies for the delay in addressing this.

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