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    This FAQ is a screenshot walkthrough of adding a MyEclipse 2014 archived update site to eclipse 4.3.x. For other releases please request an archived update site, as these are not automatically available with each release. An on-line update site may be available via the standard eclipse marketplace.

    1. Download the 2014 archived update site from here: http://downloads.myeclipseide.com/downloads/products/eworkbench/2014/installers/myeclipse-pro-2014-GA-archived-update-site.zip Archived update sites for other releases may be made available on request.
    2. If you have already downloaded and installed Eclipse 4.3.x standard please go to the next step. Otherwise, download Eclipse 4.3.2 Standard package from https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/Kepler/SR2; The standard package is the first option listed. Click on the link next to Eclipse Standard 4.3.2 that is appropriate for your system and follow the instructions. Unzip the zip file to install Eclipse.
    3. Edit the eclipse.ini file in the eclipse folder and change the -Xmx512m value to -Xmx768m, if you have not yet changed the value to something higher
    4. Open Eclipse; from menu options click on Help > Install New Software
    5. Click on the Add button to the right of the “Work with” text box.
    6. Click on the Archive button and browse for the the MyEclipse 2014 Archived update site zip file then click the Open button
    7. Add a name for the site and click on the OK button of the Add Repository dialog.

      This will return you to the installation dialog and the software available in the archive will be shown.
    8. Make sure that “Group items by category” is selected and check the “MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench” category. You may deselect any individual plug-ins that you don’t need, by expanding the group and clicking the appropriate check boxes. Click the Next button.
    9. You’ll be presented with a list of software to be installed, just click the Next button.
    10. Accept the licenses. When you’re ready to install, click on the Finish button.
    11. If there are any security warnings, click on OK. The installation will proceed and the progress will be shown
    12. After installation, when prompted please choose to restart your IDE.
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