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    When installing on Windows Vista or later versions, the MyEclipse installer (9.0+) will not allow installation to the C:\Program Files directory (or any sub-directory of it). This FAQ explains the reasoning.

    When not running as an administrator, the restrictive nature of the Program Files directory makes it very difficult for an Eclipse based application like MyEclipse to work – especially when it comes to simply updating to a newer version of MyEclipse or adding/removing new plugins from your installation.

    The AppData\Local folder is the default and is a per user location that is not shared between users or on a network. You could have multiple users on the same machine have their own customized versions of MyEclipse (or other Eclipse based installations where Pulse is concerned) without having to deal with the fact that the same installation will be used by other users too. The AppData folder is normally hidden, unless you’ve changed your folder settings to view hidden files and folders. However other than the management of “drop-in” plugins, you would typically be managing your configuration via the various installation and update options from the Help menu and shouldn’t need to worry about the installation location.

    Of course, you are free to install to any other directory as long as you have the rights required to write to that location – e.g. c:\ide\MyEclipse would work just fine as well. However, if you already have an existing MyEclipse installation for the same release, then this installer will reuse the resources of that installation and you may not be allowed to install elsewhere.

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