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    For release 9.0 and above, the uninstaller, like the installer, may be run in unattended mode, requiring no user interaction once initiated. To run in this mode, do the following:

    1. Create an unattended response file.

      The response file is a simple text file with only one property:



      The absolute path to a file to which the uninstaller will add notes and errors. An error/status log is also created in the temp folder (the path to this log will be in the result file).
    2. Run the uninstaller with the flag −-unattended <absolute path to response file>

      For example:

      C:\Genuitec\MyEclipse\Uninstall\one-uninstall.exe --unattended c:\myfolder\response.txt

      Remember that the path is absolute, so you need the full path, even if the response file is in the same folder as the installer.

    Note that the response file may also be empty (but it cannot be missing). If the response file is empty, no result file will be written but a status/error file will still be written to the temp directory.

    Further note that the uninstall will fail if there is no corresponding entry for the installation in the .deliverycenter.installs file (in the user’s home folder) or that file is empty or missing (which can only happen through manual intervention). In that situation, the uninstaller will think that MyEclipse was not installed properly. However, the installation folder and any shortcuts/launchers can just be deleted.

    For information on unattended installation, see the separate FAQ on Unattended Installation.

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    • This topic was modified 9 years, 1 month ago by support-tony.
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