installation, update and create project behind proxy and corp self signed certs

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    Hello, I am having difficulties with installation of ngide and creation & import of a angular project via webclipse. I don’t need both to work but would like one or the other. Do you have configuration/environment variables that can be defined to set the http/s proxy and path to certificates files?

    1) When attempting to create a new angular project in webclipse the project wizard hangs waiting for: Angular CLI version “Loading list of versions…”

    2) When importing an existing angular project in webclipse the terminal says “Downloading and extracting Node 7.4.0…” then a few minutes later “Download of Node 7.4.0 failed”

    3) When attempting to instal ngide via “ngide install ~/toolbox/angular-ide” I get the following error

    Hoops i have jumped through at this point:
    1) set the http_proxy, https_proxy and ftp_proxy in my env.
    2) imported self signed certificates using java keytool into the system keystore and truststore
    3) configured npm for proxy and certs: Here is my .npmrc:

    4) confured eclipse for proxy and certs. At this point i can download, install from eclipse marketplace, get http updates in the webclipse dashboard so I know http/https and certs are working in eclipse:


    node: 7.9.0
    npm: 4.5.0
    ng: @angular/cli: 1.0.0
    os: linux x64

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    Brian Fernandes

    Thank you for writing in with this issue, and explaining the problem as well as your steps in so much detail.

    The first thing to check, is whether you are on 2017 CI 4, because proxy fixes for our entire Angular tooling did go into this version – prior to that we did not work well behind a proxy. To confirm this, can you go to Window > Preferences > Webclipse and let us have the version and build Id? If it does not say CI 4, please update to this version and try again.

    Our proxy support reads values from Eclipse’s proxy preferences and uses those same values to configure node, npm and the tooling that downloads these binaries in the first place. I believe the values in the .npmrc file could possibly override the values set by our internal tooling, so just to reduce the number of variables in this picture, you should remove the proxy settings in this file so that the configuration is in a single place. Of course, this would only help if you get to the point where node and npm have been successfully downloaded and now npm itself needs to run. As you stated, if Eclipse is able to install items from the marketplace, that would indicate that it does have the right settings and these should just work for the Angular tooling as well.

    If none of these work, are there any additional details you can share about your proxy configuration that we could use to try and replicate your issue locally?

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    I’m having the same problem with 2017 CI6, node and npm have been successfully downloaded.
    Eclipse is able to install items from the marketplace, and gradle is downloading java dependencies on the same workspace in another project.

    I used your tooling on another computer at home without proxy, I think it’s awesome and you’re doing a terrific job.

    Please help me having it working at work behind company proxy so that I can show them how great webclipse is !

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    Brian Fernandes


    Yes, it does look like Eclipse is correctly configured. However, you problem seems to be different from the OP as you have managed to download Node / NPM successfully, whereas his downloads failed. Just to avoid ambiguity, do you mind clarifying exactly what your problem is?

    In my previous response to the OP, I’ve explained how our proxy support works. Could you please follow the same suggestions and answer the questions I’ve asked in that post? If you can tell us what sort of proxy configuration you have, that would help as well.

    We’re glad you like our tooling, do consider upgrading to the latest version which has a ton of fixes as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to get your network issues sorted and you can show it off in your company!

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