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    iOS 7.1 is finally here.
    edited 20140320, updates in red
    While I don’t have a definitive list of fixes a few quick test are positive. The key issues that effected MobiOne webapps and most other products that required managing mobile safari’s address and bottom button bars as well as support for webclips (homescreen apps) seem to be resolved. I ran quick test and confirmed:

    1) developers are now able to hide mobile safari address and button (nav) bars.
    This involves use of a new apple viewport meta-tag attribute, e.g.,

    <meta-tag viewport=”content=”minimal-ui”>

    We plan to incorporate this into the MobiOne code-generator asap.

    [s:1xv9p9dy]2) appcache state management fixed[/s:1xv9p9dy]
    For webclips (homescreen webapps) the “Back” button is a NOP when device is offline. Browser history is not updated when device is offline.
    [s:1xv9p9dy]The “Back” button is now fixed for webapps that use appcache.[/s:1xv9p9dy]

    3) save more than 4 webclips (homescreen webapps) fixed

    Independent Bug Reports
    See “Home Screen WebApp Bugs” section to learn of other issues with homescreen webapps in iOS 7.1.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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