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    I have put this under the Spring forum because it’s a Spring project but not sure it’s a SPring issue.

    See attached word doc for details of what I’m doing along w/my configuration details. I have included my source files.

    LET me also say, I find this version buggy and not happy that I had to switch to this to get SPring. I’ll try to share that later.

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    Thanks for those details.

    Please note that there is no File->New->Spring Project wizard in MyEclipse, so you have to add the Spring facet to a project separately. You say you did this but mentioned “probably” added Spring libraries yourself. Adding the Spring facet (via right-click project then select MyEclipe->Project Facets->Install Spring Facet) also adds Spring libraries (these can be selected through the Spring facet wizard), for you, so there is no need to add them separately unless you have specific requirements.

    I tried to follow the steps you gave, as best I could, though I’m still not sure what you did, exactly. However, it looks as though you didn’t delete all of the MyEclipse/eclipse generated project files and folders; in particular, it looks like you may not have deleted the .settings folder and that is the reason the migration wizard popped up and did not create the project correctly (which is why you can’t see the Java build path properties page).

    Please try the project creation again but, this time, delete all files and folders that begin with a period (“.”), from the copied project, before creating the new MyEclipse project.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    By the way, you didn’t include the project source ( two empty generated source folders) and the information from Help->About->Installation Details->Configuration is not as helpful to us as the information from MyEclipse->Installation Summary->Installation Details. It would be appreciated if, for future problems, you could include the latter, rather than the former, unless specifically requested, though either is definitely more useful than none.

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