Javascript validation takes forever…

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    Denis Lavoie

    Hi !

    I use MyEclipse for Spring 10.0 and the Javascript validation process is real pain. Even if I change the configuration to exclude all the files in webroot, MyEclipse has to revalidate all the files when I make a change in the validation options… I don’t get it… Why does it do that??? If the user ask to exclude files, they don’t have to be validated…

    This could be a very usefull modification to add… My project has more than 800 jsp files which often include javascript. The project also include about 100 .js files… It has been running for hours and seems to loops on itself (I see the same folders several times in the progress tab). My computer has a i7-2670QM processor so it is not the issue here.

    I’ve installed the stream release (10.1) but it didn’t help… The project has to be validated at least once…

    Is there any way to completly by-pass the javascript validation?

    Regards !

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    jedymaster ,

    Sorry that you are seeing this issue.

    Did you uncheck the option ‘Revalidate project when excluded resource list is modified’ when excluding resources from validation ? If this is checked then the entire project is re-validated everytime there is change in the excluded list.

    Attached is the screenshot for your reference.

    Let us know how it works for you.

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