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    We have several teams who use JCA connectors for projects in RAD.

    Can MyEclipse Blue be configured to implement them? We are very interested in seeing this functionality included. What kind of timeframe can we expect for that to be included?

    What about OSGI functionality?

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    Brian Fernandes


    1) We do not have much JCA support in MyEclipse Blue. However, we have received a few requests and are looking at supporting it for the next major release of MyEclipse Blue.

    I would like you to clarify whether you want some tools to assist your use of JCA connectors that already exist and are deployed on your server and/or if you would like to create JCA projects and connectors in MyEclipse?

    For the latter, we can provide the following:
    a) Wizard to create JCA projects
    b) Ability to deploy JCA projects
    c) Form based editor for the ra.xml file

    If you could clarify very precisely, exactly the features you need, I could provide a more accurate timeline. It would obviously help us develop support tailored to your needs.

    2) OSGI functionality
    Like the above, could you be more specific with the kind of support you expect?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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