JSFLoginDemo Does not deploy to JBOss correctly

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    hi alll dear colleagues

    1 – I tried to deploy the simplest jsf example on my Jboss 4.2.1 and I get this error

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Application was not properly initialized at startup, could not find Factory: javax.faces.context.FacesContextFactory

    2 – by the way I have to use JBoss as i am familier with it and I can run EJB on it unlike tomcat. but I can consider more stable servers if you may recommend one that has good suppoet and examples even if it is for sale on a standalone PC. Iget many problems with Jboss sometimes jsf or spring or hibernate.

    3 – I know JBoss has its own jsf jars and hibernate jars as well and may be other J2EE jars. so how to disable them asI do not like to use them. I do prefer MyEclipse Jars instead to be more aware of my projects that is why I buy the full subscription every year.

    4 – I have downloaded the same example from MyEclipse quickstart but it gives errors of conext related throwable exceptions running not deploying.

    5 – I could run jsf easily before on MyEclipse 4 but there something new in MyEclipse 6 I suppose.

    6 – I use java 6, MySQL 5, windows 2000, JBoss 4.2.1, MyEclipse 6.

    7 – I suggest the backgorund color of the forums to be white for clearity

    thanks a lot

    yours truely


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    dear all

    this is me again to say the another error in the same example but the one in the Myeclipse-help under the name JSFLoginDemo and not with the name JSFLoginExample but they both are about the same

    in the userLogin.jsp tp resulting in nextthrown error
    15:27:58,187 ERROR [[jsp]] Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception
    org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:

    An error occurred at line: 29 in the jsp file: /userLogin.jsp
    The method setBasename(String) in the type LoadBundleTag is not applicable for the arguments (JspValueExpression)
    27: <body>
    28: <f:view>
    29: <f:loadBundle basename=”com.jsfdemo.MessageBundle” var=”bundle”/>




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    Loyal Water

    If you try running the Example on Demand against the MyEclipse Tomcat server (steps are mentioned in the read.txt in the project directory) do you get a similar error ? I’m asking you to try this because I want to make sure this issue is occuring only with the JBoss server.

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    hello dear

    thanks for the reply

    1 – as you requested to check on Tomcat, I have dwonloaded Tomcat and run both examples JSFLoginExample and JSFLoginDemo and both are fine on Tomcat. This is pretty good

    2 – As for Jboss which has two bugs at deploy and at running.

    a – The JSFLoginExample deployment is sorted our by adding this listner to web.xml and it runs fine then

    b – but the JSFLoginDemo deploys fine but error still in the line 29 at running which I still find hard to sort out. it deploys but does give error in the line.

    The error as above in the bundle reference in the fin the jsp file userLogin.jsp which is
    <f:loadBundle basename=”com.jsfdemo.MessageBundle” var=”bundle”/>

    Ar’nt both projects identical or what?

    thanks alot and have a niice weekend I do appreciate to help me sort this out.


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    hi all

    I found the error solution that I should use J2EE 5 not 1.4

    thanks a lot


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    hi alll

    as I said the program runs but why I get this error on the console

    ERROR [STDERR] May 4, 2008 9:27:19 AM com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener contextInitialized

    thanks a lot


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    Loyal Water

    They appear when we change the jsf implementation to use sun instead of myfaces. There’s nothing to worry about.

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    Since the upgrading is in progress, can the following environment be used till it is done?

    – JBoss portal 2.6.1 (with AS 4.2.1)
    – Seam 1.2.1GA (instead of 2.0.0 Beta1)
    – use JSF RI 1.2 or MyFaces?

    Thank you very much.

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