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    Shows it is available. You turn it on, and it does nothing. Not with markdown. With app (Angular), if server isn’t started, says you need to start server. But, once you start server, does same as markdown… shows it’s on but doesn’t open preview.

    Worked yesterday. Did not update or do any installs in Eclipse. Was there a CodeMix update? Is there a way to turn off automatic CodeMix updates? I noticed it updating once on its own despite Eclipse not updating unless I tell it to. I need to control 100% of updates so my development day isn’t interrupted by issues like this, can back-up before an update, and know an issue was created by an update. I AM 100% AGAINST AUTOMATIC UPDATES!

    Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.
    Version: Oxygen.3a Release (4.7.3a)
    Build id: 20180405-1200

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    Sorry you are running into this! While it doesn’t help you, we were specifically having a discussion on evergreen updates this morning and are in agreement. We have a card logged to have automatic updates off by default with notifications in our next proper update of CodeMix.

    That said, you can turn off CodeMix updates right now and manage it manually ia Help > Check for Updates. In your Eclipse installation area, open configuration/.settings in Finder and create a file (or edit one) called com.genuitec.eclipse.code.evergreen.prefs and add a line with autoUpdateEnabled=false. This preference was added in anticipation of the new update model but hasn’t been exposed in the UI yet.

    Regarding the break with the browser, are you perhaps on an older version of Mac OS? Outside of Mac, I don’t know of an obvious reason Live Preview would be causing you issues and certainly no recent changes should have had any impact on it. That said, if you are able to access Live Chat via Help > CodeMix, we’d be happy to help more to get you up and going.

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    Thanks for the auto-update info, Tim. Glad to hear you are changing that. I was never able to resolve the live preview feature.


    You can see in this image where I turn it on. It shows green for a few seconds, then goes back to being off with no error. Before it broke, it would open a pane on the right half showing a preview of the Markdown being rendered. If I was on a Typescript browser, it would show embedded Chrome with the application. The Chrome button next to that still opens Chrome externally, and that is what I primarily use for app previewing.

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    Brian Fernandes


    It’s odd for the toggle to turn off by itself. I’m assuming the preview pane doesn’t even appear when it’s on, if even for a few seconds?

    Do share your error log with us so we can look into any issues that may have been logged – you can find it at [workspace_location]/.metadata/.log. Please also let us know what OS and version you’re on.

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    Was there a resolution to this issue?

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    We haven’t heard from Eric any further about the problem.
    If you are seeing the same issue, then can you please share with us some more details?

    1. I assume you have updated to the latest CodeMix release, CI 2020.3.3. If no, then please go to Help > Check for Updates and see if the issue with Live Preview persists.

    2. Are you seeing the problem only with certain file types like Markdown or with other files as well like TypeScript/HTML?

    3. Your OS and version details.

    4. The .log file located at workspace dir/.metadata/.log (change the extension to .txt and attach it here)

    Alternatively, you can also reach us via Live Chat (Help > CodeMix > Live Chat) to help us gather the required information and quickly diagnose the problem.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

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    1. I am running the latest version of Code Mix CI 2020.3.3 (see attached)

    2. I am seeing this problem with markdown, html and css files. I haven’t tried other types outside of those.
    3. Windows 10 Pro
    4. Log file and screen shots attached.

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