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    [Note: the latest release of MyEclipse includes a link to assist installation of the SCM connectors, in the wizard for importing projects from an SCM. In this case, click the link and look for your appropriate connector before clicking the Install button, rather than following these instructions.]

    The maven features first found in MyEclipse 10, for importing and materializing maven projects from a source control management (SCM) system, require an extra plug-in to connect maven with your chosen team plug-in (for example, subclipse or the standard CVS plug-in). In MyEclipse 10, these connector plug-ins (sometimes referred to as SCM handlers) can be installed via the MyEclipse Software and Workspace Center (also known as the MyEclipse Configuration Center).

    Use the Help menu item, “MyEclipse Configuration Center” to get to the right screen than click the Software tab. Click the “Add Site” link. On the resulting dialog, type any name to identify the site and then the URL for the update site containing the connector (see below for known update sites). Click OK and wait for the site to appear in the “Personal Sites” section of the “Browse Software” panel. Fully expand the site and double click on the connector plug-in (or right click and select “Add to Profile…”). The change will eventually show up in the “Pending Changes” panel; when it does, click the Apply button to add it.

    If you mistyped the update site URL, you can change it by going to the bottom of the “My Software” list, where the update site will be listed. Right click, select “View Details” and alter the URL. Alternatively, select “Remove” on the context menu and re-add the update site.

    The following update sites are known about:





    https/http Note
    Some users have been unable to connect to the update sites mentioned above using https. If that doesn’t work, try http, in place of https. The above urls are taken directly from those linked to in the m2eclipse implementation, but clearly have problems in some situations.

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