maven test directories and web project deployment question

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    I am using MyEclipse 6.5.1-GA-20080715.

    i am trying to trying to migrate our applications from eclipse+.m2eclipse to myeclipse with the maven4MyEclipse.

    I checked out an already mavenized web project from the svn.
    Edited the .project file to add the build command:


    and replaced the project nature from




    Everything compiled ok.

    But when i went to run on a server i started to run into problems. My testcases (defined under /src/test/java) are getting deployed, but the dependencies that they have are correctly not being added (since they are marked with test scope).

    Do i have a workaround for this situation besides removing the src/test/java and src/test/resources from the build path?

    best regards,


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    Riyad Kalla


    Maven4MyEclipse is a custom implementation of m2eclipse, so for the most part executing your POM and resolving dependencies is still handled under the covers by the main maven libraries (just as m2eclipse delegated).

    If you are deploying your project to a server, and running command-line “mvn” to run the different goals and it’s failing, I don’t think this is related to Maven4MyEclipse necessarily… could you clarify your running situation on the server and why you think they are connected? (I’m a bit of a Maven novice and I might have missed some obvious detail here).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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