Maven4Eclipse wiped out in 2015 CI 12

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    Maven4MyEclipse features are not accessible in my 2015Cl install even though the installation summary says its there.

    It seems to have disappeared when I updated to CI 12.

    All options for it in the project and myeclipse preferences menu are gone ; Its gone from the facets; the option to use it in the new project wizards is missing; code completion cannot see classes from the maven container in the build path etc.

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    Created a new workspace, did not fix it.

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    I Re-installed CI 11, and it fixed it. Did something break in 12 ?

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    Brian Fernandes


    First off, our Maven support is just fine in CI 12, definitely no breaks or problems. We’ve been testing upgrades from CI 11 to 12 internally as well, and those have checked out fine too – so, in the normal scheme of things, nothing wrong.

    When the update completed, did you get any messages about conflicting software that had to be removed in the popup? Did you have any third party plugins installed in MyEclipse?

    Given the fact that you can move back and forth between versions easily (with the update wizard) – I would suggest you simply try to upgrade again. If you see the problem then, please try starting MyEclipse with the -clean switch (needed for just one start in the myeclipse.ini file). Alternatively, you could try installing through the CI 12 offline / online installers (which should be available in the next 8 hours).

    Do let us know how you get on, sorry you ran into issues.

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    Guys, I have the same problem.

    MyEclipse asked me to upgrade to CI 12 … Maven functions totally gone.

    Reversing to CI11 did not help.

    Please investigate asap.


    fixed, the -clean option did the trick.

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    Presumably if Maven support survives the upgrade it works – but this is an issue with the upgrade killing maven plugin completely.

    In answer to some of your questions :

    – No additional plugins installed other then what is out of the box in the installer.

    – Switch back to C11 was done by installing from a fresh download of myeclipse, I did not back out C 12 upgrade

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    Same issue here.

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    Guys I found a workaround. I used an older version so I first updated on the December version and then on the last C12 update

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    Sorry that you are seeing issues with the update to MyEclipse 2015 CI 12.

    Please see this post for additional details : https://www.genuitec.com/forums/topic/issues-upgrading-to-2015-ci-12/

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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