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    Can you provide an easy way to disable the method/field references counts. At the moment it causes the text editor to jump around as it adds the extra line for the references. This makes editing code difficult if you’re expecting to click or edit on a specific line.

    Or alternatively have it shown as a hover toolip.

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    Great suggestion — regarding how to disable CodeLens/Code Mining data, you can go to Preferences > CodeMix > Settings > Workspace and in the combo filter choose CodeLens and set each item to false.

    I don’t recall immediately if you need to close and open editors again but that should remove the content for you.


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    Aaron Lara

    Paul, thanks for reaching out! Today we rolled out a CodeMix release that contained several improvements for Code Mining stability. Are you by any chance running with an early version of CodeMix? Also, can you clarify what do you mean by “it causes the text editor to jump around”? A gif would help as well.

    Aaron Lara

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    I’ve updated to the latest version.

    I’ve also turned it off.

    Basically what happens is that is it’s slow to calculate the references.

    So when you start editing a document the line with the reference count doesn’t exist. Say the method you’re editing is at line 120.

    Then once it’s calculated the references there is now an extra line above the method. So it’s still at line 120 for numbering but there is now an extra virtual line. So either the method gets moved down a line, or the methods above get moved up a line. So if you think you’re clicking somewhere to then edit that line and start typing it may have moved.

    Anything that changes the number of lines in the document in the background should be avoided in my opinion. I also found having the reference counts distracting as it’s not something I’d need on a regular basis. Which is why having it in a tooltip would be better.

    I’ve been using regular eclipse for Java for many years and would like to see the Typescrip development being that slick without re-inventing the wheel. I switch between different eclipse instances for Java, C++, TypeScript (Angular) and Lua in the course of a day so consistency makes my life a lot easier.

    That’s just my opinion 🙂

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    Aaron Lara

    Paul, really appreciate your feedback! I have raised a request to improve the in-editor references presentaion as you suggested.

    Thanks again!
    Aaron Lara

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    For users of ME CI 2018.12 (at least in my install), this preference is in Java / Editor / Code Minings. I also found it annoying, and just having the reference count was not particularly useful. Maybe it could be added to the hover pop-up?

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    Brian Fernandes


    We have codemining settings for JavaScript and TypeScript too, which Tim was talking about earlier. The settings you mention are specific to the Java editor (to be conformant with where you would find them in a regular Eclipse install).

    The point of Code Mining was that it present essential information without you having to take any action. While we feel this information is useful, we’ve received several reports that find the way it works annoying, as described in this thread. The next version of CodeMix will have these settings disabled by default – appreciate the candid feedback we have received on this thread, do keep it coming.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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