Missing Icons and Images With Remote Phonegap Builds

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    If you are developing mobile applications with images (icons and splash screens), using the remote PhoneGap build, and the images don’t appear in your application, please read on.

    Note that this affects remote builds for both Android and IOS applications, with PhoneGap 3.6 or later, and is due to a bug in the remote build.

    The workaround is to move the config.xml file into the www folder and reselect all images so that their paths are relative to www and not the project root (and this can also be done by reselecting the images in the config.xml editor, after it is moved into www).

    Even with this workaround, local builds will also continue to work fine.

    For a discussion on the bug, with another potential workaround, check out this issue on the PhoneGap forum at GitHub.

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