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    Prior to release 2015 CI 12 and only in some versions of some distributions of Linux, you might see a view that appears to have no toolbar associated with it, when a toolbar is expected. In fact, the toolbar is still there but minimized, though this isn’t obvious:

    If you hover the mouse pointer over the rectangle in the top right hand corner of the view’s panel, the menu will appear and you can select buttons:

    We’ve seen this behavior on Ubuntu 14.04 (but not 14.10), Mint 17 (and 17.1) and Debian 7.8.

    The behavior only occurs when the space next to the tabs in the view’s panel is large enough to accommodate the toolbar (if it was shown). Otherwise, the toolbar appears at the top of the actual view:

    As you might expect, one workaround is to ensure that the space next to the tabs in the panel is insufficient to show the toolbar there, so that it appears within the view itself. This can be achieved by either resizing the panel to make it narrower, or by adding views to the panel:

    Alternatives to that workaround involve changing the theme or altering a setting on the MyEclipse theme. To change the theme, go to Window->Preferences->General->Appearance and alter the theme to something other than a MyEclipse theme. For example, switch to GTK theme or Classic theme. Click OK on the preferences wizard and then restart the workbench with the same workspace. You should now see the view’s toolbar as expected:

    Perhaps the cleanest workaround is to simply change a setting in the MyEclipse theme. Go to Window->Preferences->General->Appearance->MyEclipse Light Themes, then click the Parts tab and the Layout sub-tab at the bottom. Increase the Tab Height value (for example, to 40), then click Apply and OK. You may need to restart MyEclipse for this setting to take effect.

    NOTE: The last option (changing the Tab Height) caused problems on Debian 7.8 during testing, whereby the workspace couldn’t be restarted (a new workspace would be needed to run MyEclipse again). The option worked on Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17.1.

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