Multiple projects – with same source base

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    We have here a project up and running under Angular5 – lets call it app1Run.

    We try now to make a new project – lets call it new1Run. But since app1Run has many useful components we want to reuse them. E.g. UserManagementComponent is used in app1Run and should be used as well in new1Run.

    What is the best way to achieve the setups? Different projects? Or all in one project with just different launched apps?

    If we use different projects the q raises how to refer to UserManagementComponent from app1Run in the app.module of new1Run-project? Is it with ‘../../../../app1Rund/src/dir…’? But here it complains about module not found. :-/

    So, how to set multiple apps properly up with WebClipse?

    thx roland

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    You can create multiple app projects, then import modules using relative paths with the usual Angular conventions. You have to define the field name within apps in the project’s .angular-cli.json. For example, create an Angular project with name “web-ng-cli” and two apps “app1” and “app2”. Next you have to add them to the “apps” section in the .angular-cli.json of “web-ng-cli”. Attached is the example angular-cli.json file for your reference. You can follow similar structure for your apps.

    Currently, for the above setup, you can only launch the project i.e “web-ng-cli” from the Servers view and you have to explicitly run the apps from the Console view using the ‘ng serve’ command. Example: ng serve --app [appName]

    Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Hi Swapna,

    thx for your response. But unfortunately I’m not quite sure if I was understood properly – or maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough.

    Your suggestion is about one Eclipse project which contains multiple Angular projects. I think for this your response is quite fine.

    Perhaps I was little bit unclear but I wanted to have different Eclipse projects – which are handled as well differently in SVN/Git. My understanding from your response is that this is only possible with relative paths and Angular conventions.

    I thought more in a way that I can specify in an Eclipse project (new1Run) the related (or referenced) projects (e.g. app1Run) and than some internal magic happens which allows me to address the modules directly within new1Run…. I thought maybe Weclipse has a way to make the magic possible 😉

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    Brian Fernandes


    Unfortunately right now our TypeScript layer won’t be able to support a multi-project configuration, and so any further expected support with Angular wouldn’t work either.

    Being able to support multi-project configurations is something we already had on our roadmap, so we’ll add your request to that list and let you know when the capability is added to our tooling.

    Sorry we couldn’t help further, thank you for asking!

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