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    we are using MyE 2015 CI 19 for our migrated M1 projects.
    We also use the com.genuitec.mobione.phoneui plugin from

    Due to the changes regarding using the PhoneGap CLI 6.3,
    it seems that these two cannot work together.
    During the compile we get the error
    ‘Build failed: CompileCbuild/TicketsOnline.build/Release-iphones/Ticketsonline.build/Objects-normal/armv7/MobiOnePlugin.oTicketsOnline/Plugins/com.genuitec.mobione.phoneui/MobiOnePlugin.m normal armv7 objective-ccom.apple.complirers.llvm.clang.1_0.compiler (1 failure).’

    Is it a known error?
    Is there a work-around for?

    Thank you.

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    hi @epet
    I believe the issue is that the Cordova/Phonegap plugin model changed around Cordova 6 release. This change made the mobione plugin no longer compilable (some older plugins broke in a similar manner but I don’t recall exactly which). I looked into this sometime ago and will revisit it tomorrow (thursday) and get back to you.
    Genuitec Dev Team

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    After some investigation I determined the mobione plugin is only required if your app makes phone calls or plays video. If your app does neither of these then remove the plugin from your project and continue the build process.

    Also check the version of phoneui.js in your project. The current version is version and can be downloaded here: https://github.com/genuitec-mobione/phoneui.js/blob/master/phoneui.js
    I updated phoneui.js back in august to assist other developers upgrading to newer versions of cordova sdk.
    One of the changes in phoneui.js is support for the official phonegap/cordova InAppBrowser plugin instead of using the obsolete childbrowser plugin.

    Since mobione has been retired for almost 2 years the Cordova platform has evolved quite a lot making it increasingly difficult to upgrade former mobione projects to the latest cordova sdk. If your project requires playing video you may encounter issues as that is one area especially on android that is no longer functional. Also I recommend reviewing the list of plugins in your project and removing all of those that are not explicitly used, e.g., contacts or file. If you encounter build issues with other plugins consider upgrading them to the most recent version.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi, If your apps do need to make calls, what then? Thanks

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    Is there an answer to my question?

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    For dialing services, I modified phoneui.js to perform dialing without use of the mobione plugin. Please ensure you are using the last version of phoneui from github https://github.com/genuitec-mobione/phoneui.js

    Also you will need to add the following line to your project config.xml

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    ?? Where is the following line ??

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    Here’s the config.xml element omitted from my previous post:

    <allow-intent href="tel:*" />

    Since you are using PhoneGap (Cordova) 6, you can see this allow-intent element and similar applicable configuration details that you may need by creating an example cordova project and inspecting its config.xml file.

    1. from commandline create a helloworld project

    cordova create helloworld
    phonegap create helloworld

    2. cd into helloworld and open config.xml in a browser to view a valid config.xml with the latest configuration elements.

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    Thank you

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