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    Brian Fernandes

    We had made a decision to deprecate and remove Matisse gradually from MyEclipse in favor of the Window Builder Swing Designer that is now included. We made it an optionally installable feature in 2013 and removed it from 2014 as announced through our release notes.

    However, after having removed it from 2014, several users asked us to bring it back into the IDE. I’m happy to announce that we have rescinded the decision to remove Matisse in response to this feedback. Existing users of 2014 can add Matisse to 2014 via an update site. We will reintroduce the addition via the component wizard in an upcoming maintenance release of 2014.

    To install via an update site:
    1) Click Help > Install from Site…
    2) Add this update site using the Add button
    3) Ensure that “Group items by category” is not checked.
    4) Select “MyEclipse Visual Swing Designer” and proceed to finish the wizard. Matisse will be available on restart.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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