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    Brian Fernandes

    MyEclipse 2015 CI 7 adds the following key features:

    New editor for config.xml files as well as several key fixes when building local and remote applications in the signing and icon/splash handling areas.

    We also support building both local and remote applications with PhoneGap 3.6 (must be externally installed and configured).

    JavaScript and Angular JS
    Continued improvements in the JavaScript area with an improved Tern JS integration. We also now include tooling for Angular JS development by default.

    Our embedded Tomcat 7 connector has been updated from version 7.0.30 to 7.0.56.

    The TomEE server connector can now support TomEE 1.7 servers as well.

    Maven Dependencies Only Mode
    Use this mode when you want only Maven’s dependency management capabilities.

    Our documentation has been updated and is now available through the Learning Center tab in the dashboard. Click Help > MyEclipse Learning Center to bring up the dashboard.

    Known Issues

    Update failure due to Tern / Angular Incompatibilities

    MyEclipse has included Tern Eclipse and Angular Eclipse plugins since CI 6 and CI 7 respectively. If you installed either of these plugins from the Eclipse Marketplace or an external update site, you may not be able to update to CI 7 due to conflicts with the Tern / Angular Eclipse plugins contained in CI 7.

    To resolve this issue, please uninstall the Tern and Angular plugins, restart MyEclipse and then attempt to update to CI 7.

    PhoneGap 3.6
    While we do not ship with PhoneGap 3.6, if externally installed, MyEclipse can use this version for both local and remote builds.

    When attempting a remote build with PhoneGap 3.6, please ensure your phonegap-version preference in config.xml is set to 3.6.3 (3.6.0 will not work).

     <preference name="phonegap-version" value="3.6.3" />

    Please see the Delivery Log for more details and screenshots.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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