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    I downloaded and installed the latest MyEclipse 2019 today.

    Then I created a Spring Starter Project with the following:type=maven-project

    Verified starts up fine.

    Then copied my WSDL/XSD files under the resources folder and right clicked the project and selected Spring Import WSDL and went through all the steps defaulting everything except the last window where I unselected any new dependencies since the project already was setup. (I made the mistake the first time to leave these defaulted and ended up with a Huge POM file, which I thought was the problem.) Then selected finish. It starts processing my WSDL, then just hangs at Converting DataType:soap-aknowlewdgement-header at 66 percent. After several minutes I finally just have to kill MyEclipse.

    Attached is an image. I can’t send you my WSDL/XSD here in the forum, but could send it privately if that helps. It’s fairly standard and it’s an old WSDL/XSD that I’ve used for years and generated code from it with AXIS1 and CXF with no issues. I wanted to try your new Spring WSDL import feature to see if we could use this to speed up productivity in converting our old WSDL/XSD into new Spring Boot projects.

    Also attached is my workspace after having to kill MyEclipse to get out of the Hung state. I’m not sure why the wizard needed to add a WebRoot and Index.jsp to my Spring Boot Web Services project either.

    Please let me know if you can offer any assistance.


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    Thank you for the details and the screenshots.

    One of the dialogs in the Import WSDL Document wizard is for configuring web module settings. You can uncheck the ‘Generate index.jsp welcome file’ in the dialog which is checked by default.

    I could not replicate the hang at my end with a sample WSDL file. Please send your file privately to help us replicate the issue at our end.
    Please also share with us the .log file located in the workspace dir/.metadata/.log (change the extension to .txt and attach it here).

    If you could get 3-4 thread dumps during the period during which the IDE hangs, that would help us figure out what process is running. To take a thread dump, you will need to run
    jstack -l 9000 > dump1.txt
    Please replace 9000 with the PID of the MyEclipse process, the jstack program can be found in the bin directory of any JDK installation. If you can generate 3-4 dumps (sent to different files, of course) during the period of hang, and attach those files here, that could help a great deal.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

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    MyEclipse 2020.5.18 is out with the fix for the hang issue you reported with Import WSDL wizard.
    Please update and let us know if you are still seeing any issues with it.

    Genuitec Support

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