MyEclipse almost unusable on JSP/HTML/JavaScript

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    Scott Dunbar

    I’ve been using MyEclipse for many years now and, until recently, have been reasonably happy. But between the huge delay in getting 8.5 out (I hate not being able to click buttons) and the problem I’m now having with web page development, I’ve actually switched over to Eclipse/J2EE for development. And as my May renewal date approaches and I’m using “normal” Eclipse (or vi – it’s fast too) I’m trying to learn my options.

    Why is the simple editing of JSP/HTML/JavaScript files so amazingly slow? I’ve got a quad core 2.6GHz processor with 8GB of RAM. This is on Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit. It may not be the fastest machine on the planet but it isn’t a dog. But MyEclipse (8.0M2-20091103) uses most of the processing power just moving around and editing a JSP. JavaScript is even worse.

    Yes, I’ve also used the basic text editor too. That is reasonably fast but no syntax highlighting means I may as well use vim.

    I know that MyEclipse will always be behind the 8 ball when it comes to adding features. But the race for the next big thing has made the product – for me – darn near unusable because the simple stuff has been overlooked.

    So the bug is – run the JSP/HTML/JavaScript editing through a performance monitor, remove the “while(1);” code and, in the process, encourage my renewal. I know that there are a ton of great features (and I would have a tough time living without JPA reverse engineering right now) but spend a tiny bit of time figure out why editing text files is so slow.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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