MyEclipse and SVN

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    Can someone direct me to instructions for installing subversive in MyEclipse 6.6?
    What I get on-line and in the help seems to be some previous version or the non-myEclipse since it goes right from
    Help > Software Updates…’
    to a dialog skipping the submenu in the help menu and the first screen which asks for a radio choice.

    I have reverted my install to just before I tried to add Subversive, but can’t seem to get things running.

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    The sites in my update list are (after exporting)

    <site name=”Subversive SVN connectors update site 2.0.x” url=”” web=”false” selected=”false” local=”false”/>
    <site name=”The Eclipse Project Updates” url=”″ web=”false” selected=”false” local=”false”/>
    <site name=”Subversive update site 0.7.x (Incubation)” url=”” web=”false” selected=”false” local=”false”/>
    <site name=”MyEclipse 6.5 Edition Discovery Site” url=”” web=”false” selected=”false” local=”false”/>

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    I guess I should mention that after reverting to a previous install and reinstalling subversive and updating from the 6.6 update site, I am in the same state I was. This is that I can see the SVN repository, but Team only says “Apply Patch…” and there is no SVN menu, thus I seem to have some but not all features. Note also that TortoiseSVN runs great from a Windows File Explorer.

    Another question: Is there some general Eclipse log I can look at? I thought there was, but I’m not seeing an appropriate view to bring up to check for errors after starting up MyEclipse with Subversive installed.


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    Raymond Brown

    Try the following:
    1: Rename the existing project to an arbitrary name of your choice…
    2: Create an empty project of the same type with the name of your original project…
    3: From the windows file manager; copy the contents of the renamed project to the newly created empty project… (Do not copy any of the eclipse directories except .classpath)
    4: Return to MyEclipse and refresh both projects…
    5: Delete the original renamed project…
    The SVN menu options should be restored…

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    Thank you GeneralMartok.

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