MyEclipse IDE extrem slow and mostly shows waiting cursor

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    MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench

    Version: 2017 Stable 2.0
    Build id: 15.0.1-20171220

    Once i open a Java class File, for example via Open Declaration, it will be shown in “Java”. After that the complete MyEclipse IDE will be very slow and shows mostly a waiting cursor. It has enough memory so an “out of memory” is no option.

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    Brian Fernandes


    If you keep the progress view open, do you see any jobs running during the slowdown? Could you get a screenshot or let us know what they are?

    Does MyEclipse recover from this sluggish / frozen state after some time, or do you have to kill or restart the IDE? If it is frozen and recovers, are subsequent operations in the IDE normal?

    Were you using any prior version of MyEclipse, in which you did not experience this problem?

    Do you have many projects in your workspace? Does this error occur for class files from any project or just a specific project. Could you try switching to a new workspace, importing your project into it and see if you can replicate the problem there too?

    With your notes, I hope we’ll be able to sort out these issues in short order.

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    I have made 2 Videos with and without these effect. In theses Videos i open a class File and insert some spaces into my java File and save it.

    With Effect: http://download.bpm-inspire.com/other/harald/WithEffect.mp4
    Without Effect: http://download.bpm-inspire.com/other/harald/WithoutEffect.mp4

    No MyEclipse does not recover and i restart the IDE. I had the same Effect in MyEclipse CI Version and switched back to the stable. I have many Project in my Workspace and you are right it only occurs with the classes from the jdk (rt.jar) and not with classes from jar’s from my workspace.

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    Brian Fernandes

    Thank you for those videos, they clearly show what is happening – there did not appear to be a difference in jobs that were running in both the videos though, so there isn’t a wayward job which appears to be causing a problem.

    It’s very interesting that the problems only manifest themselves when you’re opening a class from the JDK. If you close this class, does performance go back to normal in the same session?

    Where is the JDK? Is it on a remote machine that is mapped to a local drive? If so, could you try configuring a local JDK at Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs and switch your project to use that as a test to see if that improves the situation?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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