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    I have been searching the forum for a problem I am encountering. I have an existing class diagram where I am attempting to insert a new attribute. It is easy enough to ‘insert attribute”; however, I cannot adjust the position in the visual representation of the class diagram. In past attempts I would have just selected the attribute and right clicked to get a menu which would allow me to “move up” or “move down”. For some reason, I can not get this option to appear, is anyone familiar with this? Is there a trick to this or can I do this using the screen icons somehow?

    I had thought you needed to select to the left and slightly below the attribute to get this option.


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    Brian Fernandes


    We’re not sure if you’re using the UML 1 or the UML 2 tooling. Mind sending us a quick screenshot?

    You said it worked in past attempts, was that in a previous version of MyEclipse – has anything else changed?

    Please let us know the version of MyEclipse you are currently using (Help > About).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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