MyEclipse Spring for 8.6 JNI development method not found

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    Balazs D. Toth

    I developing JNI with MEfS 8.6 and VS2008 under Win7.
    I try to run my Java application in debug mode.
    The System.load function succeeds, still the native method not found.
    The error message is as follows.
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Nuance.OmniPage.CSDK.RecAPI.kRecQuit()LNuance/OmniPage/CSDK/Enumerations$RECERR;
    at Nuance.OmniPage.CSDK.RecAPI.kRecQuit(Native Method)
    at Nuance.OmniPage.CSDK.RecAPI.main(
    I debugged the static long findNative(ClassLoader loader, String name) method:
    – the native method signature is ok.
    – the “libs” Vector, which should contain the loaded libs, is empty.
    Could you, please, help me, what else is missing.
    (In use absolute path in System.load, and set the library path in my Java app.
    Balazs Toth

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