MyEclipse Subscription key problem [Closed]

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    I am getting a dialog box “Subscription Key Problem” informing me that my trial subscription has expired. I just registered and have 258 days remaining on my subscription. Can you tell me why I am getting this message? I can’t use Eclipse at all right now….

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    Riyad Kalla

    In the past there has been confusion with users between registering for an account on the forums, and purchasing a subscriptions.

    I’m assuming you purchased a subscription (since you mentioned the days left). Did you enter in the “Subscriber” and “Subscription Code” exactly as you received in your confirmation email and hit Apply?

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    If you lost your email notification, you can get a copy by visiting the Member Services section and selecting the “Lost you access code key?” link.

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    I’m so sad that MyEclipse subscription key checking is not truely internationalized. You know? that currently for Bhuddism it is the year 2548.
    And any program on any OS know that Christ year is 2004, even DOS, because it depend on system clock read by OS.

    Why MyEclipse have problem with it? My subscription key is valid until 20051102 which is 7.5 month after this but MyEclipse tell that subscription key is expired.
    SURELY that it compare 2005 to 2548, right?….I’ve ever solved this problems (and used for ~ 5 months) by setting my regional setting to be USA (in fact, I’m in Thailand).
    I didn’t exactly know why it work but it might make MyEclipse see year number to be 2005 instead 2548. Aha I have to accept situation. But now There’s need that forced me to set regional setting to the right thing. And it bring back the subscription key expiration problem……….. Oh no no

    Moreover I’ve been told by staff here that this is not so importance issue and will not be fixed at least until now. I wonder why such an internationalization (or localization) features that general professional product has as the basic is lack in MyEclipse.
    Ahhh is this paragraph too long for just a little bit thing T_T, sorry for that.

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    Riyad Kalla
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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