Opening class with Matisse Editor

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    How do you open a class in the Matisse Editor? On right clicking a class -> open with,
    I get the options Java Editor, Text Editor, and WindowBuilder Editor. This is after I followed the steps to Help->Choose Components, opening the Enterprise category on the left and double-clicking “(MyEclipse) Visual Swing Designer”.

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    Our Mattise editor were phased out in favor of Windowbuilder Editor a few release ago, you should be able to use it instead of the Mattise editor.

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    I just wanted to update Ignacio’s reply. Whilst we’ve ended development of the Matisse editor, it is still available via the route you’ve used. If you don’t need to explicitly use the Matisse editor, then please use the Window Builder editors to create GUIs, as they will be more up to date and will work with current and future Java versions.

    However, if you do need the Matisse editor, please note that this is now on an as-is basis (that is, if it doesn’t work, in some situations, we won’t be updating it) and it will only work with Java versions prior to Java 9, so you will have to edit the myeclipse.ini file to point the -vm setting to a 1.8 (or earlier) JDK, where necessary.

    You should still be able to find the editor via Open With>Other>MyEclipse Matisse Form Editor; thereafter, it will open with that editor just by double clicking on the Java file. However, it may be easier to double-click on the associated <class name>.form file.

    I hope this helps, and clarifies the situation.

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