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    I have been trying to make spring scaffolding work for oracle 11. From the database explorer perspective, there is no problem in getting oracle 11 running, and all the data is also accessible. However, from window > preferences > servers > oracle , the available options are for oracle 9.x and oracle 10.x only. Trying to configure oracle 10.x into oracle 11 gives the error

    “unable to access jarfile oc4j.jar.” , when the server is started.

    This is the wrong jar file for oracle 11, but there is no way for fixing this from the server > oracle perspective.

    When a web project is opened and the scaffolding is activated and in select artifact types > database schema is selected, the specify persistence connection properties > oracle 11 is shown. This oracle 11 was available after being setup from the database explorer. However the select database table is completely empty. There is nothing to select even though the database explore shows all the data is available. Hence the scaffolding fails.

    I do not believe the oracle 11 and myeclipse for spring scaffolding are communicating. I also strongly suggest the scaffolding should be available from the database explore perspective as well.

    I would appreciate your support in solving the above problem.


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    Heflin Hogan

    First, thank you for your suggestion. I’ve added it to our feature requests queue.

    With regards to your issue, there should not be any problem between Oracle 11 and the scaffolding functionality. If you can see the tables in the database explorer perspective, you should be able to use them to scaffold with. The choice between Oracle 9 and 10 (with no 11 available), is part of the underlying Hibernate tooling, and doesn’t affect the scaffolding. I am confused by your error message. You are correct that oc4j.jar isn’t a JDBC driver file for Oracle 11. It is actually the jar file for the Oracle Containers for Java application server. Is it possible that it has somehow been referenced in your project, or in the driver list for your database connection?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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