PDT install error in MyEclipse CI 2018.8.0


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    James P. Clark

    I’m trying to install the latest version of the PHP Development Tools into ME CI 2018.8.0. Looks like a collision of different versions of the Structured Source Editor. Any ideas?

    See attached screen shots.

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    Brian Fernandes


    I just took a look and you’re right – you won’t be able to proceed with this installation, and I’m afraid I can’t suggest a workaround right now.

    I’m not sure why those versions do not match, they should, and I do see the problem locally as well. We’ll investigate this at high priority, and keep you posted. Appreciate the immediate feedback.

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    This issue also blocks me.

    I was impatiently waiting for MyEclipse 2018 to finally be able to use it with PDT 6 (since the sixth version of PDT requires at least Eclipse Photon)…

    I tested the beta versions of PDT 6 within MyEclipse 2017 until the required libraries of newer builds broke the compatibility with it, finding PDT 6 enhancements very practical and worth waiting for MyEclipse 2018 and its Photon foundation.

    So I won’t be able to fully upgrade to the new version until this issue has been fixed… I guess MyEclipse 2018 CI 1 will include the updated library…

    Thanks a lot for taking this issue at high priority…

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    Brian Fernandes

    Sorry about the frustrating experience with the first Photon release – we realize this is a blocking issue for you, and likely many more users as well.

    We already have internal builds on the updated versions of Webtools that will allow PDT to be installed, though these builds are still being tested. When ready, we’ll fast-track the release and post an update here.

    Appreciate your patience.

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